Bounce handling

Here you can configure how to connect to a mailbox to handle bounce handling.

Feature limited to the Enterprise version.

  • Bounce email address : Your bounce messages will be automatically sent to the address you specified as “Bounce email address”. This address won’t be visible by the receiver of your message and will only be used to handle bounce messages and automatic replies.

  • Server : The e-mail server AcyMailing should connect to to handle messages.

  • Port : Port of your e-mail server. In most cases, it will be 110 for POP3, 143 for IMAP and 993 for IMAP using a secured connection. You can leave this field empty if you don't know what to use.

  • Connection method : Choose the method AcyMailing should use to connect to your mailbox. (if you use GMail, you should select "IMAP")

  • Secure method : You can select a secured method to connect to your e-mail server (if you use GMail, you should select "SSL")

  • Self-Signed certificate : Do you want AcyMailing to auto-sign your certificates?

  • Username : Username used to connect to your e-mail account. In most cases, it will be the same as your bounce email address.

  • Password : Password used to connect to your e-mail account.

  • Connection timeout (seconds) : Set the maximum number of seconds AcyMailing should try to connect to your e-mail server before stopping. 10 seconds is a good default value.

  • Maximum number of e-mails : Each time AcyMailing will connect to your mailbox, it will handle a series of e-mails. You can set the maximum number of e-mails AcyMailing will handle at the same time.

  • Enable the automatic bounce handling : Once tested, you will want this system to run automatically so you can then turn On this option and let AcyMailing do the job. Make sure a cron task is running.

  • Frequency: set the frequency you want AcyMailing to check your bounce mailbox.

  • Once it has been triggered, some reports will be displayed too (Last and next run time as well as a report).

You can configure in details the bounce rules here.