User listing

This screen enables you to manage all your users.

Search and sort

  • Search Area : this text input allows you to search users.

  • Tags : with this input you can display users with a particular tag.

  • Sort by : this one allows you to sort your users according to the data: id, email, name, creation date, active and confirmed. Default is set on creation date descending so you can see the latest users first.

  • Status : on the left, it will display only the users with the selected status.


  • Email: email of the user.

  • Lists: lists the user is subscribed to. If you hover one list, its name will be displayed.

  • Creation date: date the user was created.

  • Active: In some cases, you want to "black list" some users. This fields enables you to disable a user so that this user won't receive messages any more.

  • Confirmed: This field indicates if the user has been confirmed or not (did he clicked on the confirmation e-mail or not). If you don't require a confirmation (this option can be modified in the AcyMailing configuration page), this field has absolutely NO IMPACT on the send process. But if you require a confirmation, only confirmed users will receive e-mails.

  • ID: id of the user


  • Import : Enables you to import users in AcyMailing from text, CSV file, your website users or from your database. You will also be able to subscribe imported users during the process.

  • Export : Enables you to export users from AcyMailing based on some filters. If you select some users before clicking this button, only those users will be exported.

  • Add to list : This button will be only clickable if you select some users first. It allows you to directly subscribe the selected users to one or more lists.

  • Create : Opens the user creation page